Our Organizational development and Leadership workshops are uniquely designed to accommodate the needs of each Organization. Offering facilitation processes in strategic planning, organizational development for new employees, organizational culture, visioning, community development based on a foundation of personal development creating the opportunity for more dynamic work environments. 


One of our strengths as authentic development consultants is Cultural Competency training and communication. Mother Earth Whispers shares an extensive background working with Aboriginal communities. With Aboriginals being the fastest growing population in Canada, now more than ever relationships between the business sector and Aboriginal communities require redefining with strategic focused attention allowing possibilities of win/win solutions. Understanding our diverse approaches invites a willingness to change for future success!

Here are some suggestions for Organizational Workshops.

★Currently most popular!★

★Indigenous Cultural Safety

A one day workshop identifying historical legislation and colonial events impacting current challenges Indigenous people face in Western Culture, an overview of Residential School and the residual impact inter-generationally. This powerful workshop exposes Canadian history through visual and experiential learning techniques influencing comprehension from a mind, body and spiritual approach rather than an intellectual approach, which often minimizes the effects. Further, this workshop includes an Indigenous world view, shared values and principles while offering the opportunity for participants to reflect on unknown personal biases. 

★Rediscovering Spirit

A 4.5 day workshop for Organizations understanding the importance of employee wellness. Incorporating information about colonization, residential schools, the multi-generational impact while exploring our own understandings of these concepts while working in Aboriginal communities strengthens our ability to communicate effectively with those we encounter. Employees often need inspiration, appreciation and to feel valued to create high performance Organizations. This workshop is filled with concepts and models for understanding the impact of our actions in our work environment, how "we" contribute to the organizational culture, being personally responsible, accountable and a team builder. Examining alternative perspectives offers other possibilities to respond more positively in all areas of our life. 


Reconciliation workshops require a foundation of basic concepts before both teams or organizations come together. A process where the opportunity to understand differing perspectives exist however can be respected when there is truth and listening occurring. A genuine acceptance of where we have been and what we can co-create when committed to positive transformation of relationships. Remaining open to possibilities offers an environment of grounding, connection and trust to build a future where we have never been before. Participating in the Rediscovering Spirit workshop as a prerequisite creates the environment for more effective reconciliation processes. 

Organizational Wellness Workshop

This two day workshop encourages personal responsibility in the work place. With today’s fast paced expectations and environments, employees can become stressed while short cutting on communication. This deadly combination erodes our work environments quickly as medical leaves, sick days, stress leaves, lateral violence and less efficient work performance begin to appear.

Personal responsibility for one’s own wellness directly impacts the wellness of the Organization.  Systems theory states, “the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts”, therefore we need all “parts” fully functioning for high performance Organizations to effectively reach desired outcomes.  Through experiential exercises, communication models and innovative concepts participants are able to identify their own strengths and areas of required growth for their own personal job satisfaction directly impacting the Organization’s success.

Leadership - Improving communication for high functioning Organizations

This 3 day workshop requires an investment and commitment from both the Organization and the employees.  High performance organizations biggest challenge is Human Resources. By investing in our own advancement through communication we develop consistency, synchronicity, and most importantly high-powered teams within our organizations. Identifying the current culture subtly developing over time within the Organization, the roles we play, our contribution to status-quo involves honestly exploring the current realities resulting in less than efficient productivity. However, through exploration, leadership and assessing we are better prepared to actively distinguishing revolutionary approaches to moving forward collectively. Moreover creating success for everyone involved!

Effective Team Building

This 4.5 day intensive workshop is a combination of the two other Organizational workshops with the opportunity for relationship building with teams and between teams. Team building is exactly as stated, we have better efficiency when teams work collaboratively. However, commitment is vital therefore by recognizing those who are willing participants Organizations are better equipped to recognize their true leaders. Energetic teams create dynamism, with significantly improved outcomes.  Hence the return on investment in highly productive teams is recuperated quickly through their newly inspired vivaciousness. Essentially all teams require maintenance to continue high performance outcomes or we risk becoming complacent. Invest in your team now!

Strategic planning for  Re-invention in Organizations

Organizations are in a constant state of change. Being prepared and planning are key to successful outcomes, otherwise we are continually trying to cope with changes beyond our control. Therefore strategic planning and organizational reinvention is necessary for all components of a team to know the direction we are all aiming for. When employees are invested in the goals and direction of the Organziation, we capitalize on our teams’ ability to perform collectively. Realigning in collaboration, inspires high performance, additionally re-invention of  self ripples out to re-inventions of Organizations.

"It is not the strongest and fittest that survive, it is those most capable of adapting to change”.  Charles Darwin

Organizational Development Workshops​